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Goal Post

June 4, 2011

Hello, World! A little background: I’m a twenty-something girl with a nerdy desk job. I’m very active: I love running (my favorite distance is the marathon) and have recently fallen in love with strength training, but I also enjoy hiking, swimming, cycling, and most outdoor activities.

The intent of trying different eating styles is to find what’s best FOR ME. I hear about the amazing benefits of veganism, the Paleo diet, gluten-free, sugar-free, low-carb…pretty much every “diet” out there has zealous devotees who shout its miraculous benefits from the roof top. I want to know for myself just how theses ways of eating make me feel. The goal of this experiment is not explicitly to lose weight, though I certainly wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds along the way, but to see how different foods make me feel. I really just want to find a way of eating that fits with my life (i.e. doesn’t require massive amounts of effort, doesn’t leave me feeling deprived, and doesn’t alienate me from my husband, family, or friends) and makes me feel good.

Curiosity is my main motivation, knowing just how true the diet accolades are. I want to see if I really CAN increase my energy levels, improve my skin, sleep better, be happier…just by changing the way I eat. Right now, the two most intriguing eating styles (and most practical for me to implement) are cutting out added sugars and the Paleo diet. I figured I’d start by cutting added sugars from my diet for a month because it would be a good transition step to the Paleo diet. Any drastic change in eating is bound to cause changes to my body (possibly negative ones as my body adjusts), which is why I want to try each way of eating for a month. I’m hoping that will be enough time for me to adjust to my new food intake and draw conclusions about how it makes me feel. I’ll be tracking my athletic endeavors, body measurements, energy levels, and overall feelings as I go. I’ll also start by tracking my normal eating for a few weeks to get a baseline. Chances are I won’t become a strict disciple of any diet (I enjoy all types of food far too much for that) but if I see a notable benefit from one style of eating I’m sure I’ll start incorporating those principles into my normal diet. I’m excited to get this experiment going and see what I find!

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