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Week 1 in review

June 11, 2011

If I had to ascribe an adjective to my eating this week it would be “good”. I had a couple stress-induced eating episodes, but most days I stayed within a reasonable calorie limit (except for Monday…but I’ve moved on :)). I felt fairly tired this week, but I think that had more to do with my lack sleep and increased work volume than my eating. I wasn’t overly hungry most days, but I did find myself craving something sweet in the afternoons. I usually satisfied that craving with some hot chocolate which certainly isn’t the vest option. When I start limiting my sugar and going Paleo, I’ll need to find a replacement for that snack. I’m thinking Larabars would make a great no-added-sugar afternoon pick me up. I could also try breaking myself of my afternoon snack habit, but given the long stretch between my lunch and dinner (sometimes puncuated by a workout) I think I’d be setting myself up for being overly hungry. I’m hoping that as I start limiting my sugars, the sweets cravings will start to subside.

One of the biggest benefits of this period of monitoring my normal eating is that I’m not only giving myself a baseline to compare new ways of eating against, but I’m able to identify changes I’m going to need to make in my diet in the next phases. I know I’m going to have to use the no sugar added peanut butter in when I limit sugars, cut out my hot chocolate (as I’ve noted), stop putting creamer in my coffee (the horror!), and be diligent about finding dinners without any added sugars (most notably in the sauces). There are even more drastic changes that will need to be made for my diet to become paleo compliant (I’m looking at you oatmeal and peanut butter), but I’ll focus on those once I start eliminating added sugars.

On the exercise front, I ran an AWESOME 10k on Sunday. It was much better than expected. I continued my regular strength training execises without any decrease in performance, but I was sore until Friday. Friday afternoon I ran a great 4.8 miles with some friends. The only thing that did suffer was my biking on Thursday, but it wasn’t too bad. My exercise volume was a little lower this week since I held off running to recover from last Sunday’s race.

Sparkpeople is down at the moment so I can’t post my weeking calorie and macronutrient recap, but later this weekend I’ll post that with my change in stats. Now, it’s time to eat and this day started. Adios!

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