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Hot Chocolate

June 14, 2011

So…Saturday wasn’t my finest day of eating. I really think that my overeating was caused by stress rather than hunger. I’m pretty adept at identifying stress eating. Unfortunately, my stress coping mechanisms are in their nascent stages so I wasn’t able to fully control myself. That being said, it could have been a lot worse. Certainly being able to identify this behavior and take steps (albeit small ones) towards stopping it is a good sign. .  Also, I was able to stave off any stress eating yesterday and today. 🙂 And I’m choosing to see the positives from this experience instead of beating myself up with guilt.

I still continue to indulge in a hot chocolate after lunch. One hot chocolate hardly makes or breaks my health, but with such frequency in addition to all the other sources of sugar and processed food in my diet I think I would benefit from removing this one. I’d also prefer to indulge my sweet tooth with more decadent desserts of my choosing instead of compulsively consuming this crummy drink. I don’t want to cut it outright because I am apt to compensate in otherwise if I cut it out cold turkey. I think planning an afternoon snack, something healthful to look forward to will help me avoid that temptation.

Another point to consider is how mentally attached I’ve become to the snack. I recently read a study in which ghrelin (a hormone that regulates appetite and satiety) was measured in people drinking a milkshake. Half of the subjects were told it was a decadent dessert with 620 calories. The other half were told it was a diet shake with 140 calories. Both groups were given the same 380 calorie drink. The group who thought they were indulging had produced higher levels of ghrelin before drinking the shake and lower levels after than the “diet shake” group. They grew hungrier before and more satisfied after. So if I could  only convince myself that I can be satisfied without my hot cocoa (which I should be, given the amount of calories, fiber, and protein in my lunch) I should be able to break my dependency…which leads me to think that removing added sugars and eating Paleo will only affect me in the way I expect them to. Mind over matter! I’ll try to remain as unbiased and open-minded as possible, but I’m sure my innate prejudices will influence me.

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