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Day 11

June 16, 2011

The reviews will come as I am able to write them (and franly as I  feel like it :). I will probably post them more frequently as I settling into a blogging schedule. The frequency will also increase when I start the experiments. Right now, since I haven’t made any changes, I don’t have a lot to say other than “I feel normal.” The new challenges (and possibly feelings) that come with no-sugar-added month and Paleo month will probably give me more to reflect on.
I still had my typically hot chocolate this afternoon, but I resisted the strong urge to go back for more. Today was a relatively unstressful day (especially compared to the past week) which is why my will power was able to keep me from snacking. Hopefully I don’t break down tonight after dinner (though after writing this on the blog [which no one reads ] I hope I will be held accountable to that). I was somewhat hungrier than normal today because of a harder workout this morning, so I’ll probably beef up my dinner a little more to compensate.
Tomorrow I have a BBQ at work. I plan on packing my own lunch in case I get stuck doing real work so I’m not stranded without food. Social situations stress me out (yes, I have problems) so if I do go to the BBQ with food I hope I don’t eat to feed my feelings of anxiety. Being surrounded by a group of coworkers will likely keep me from pigging out too much, but when large amounts of tasty food and awkward situations are thrust upon me who knows what could happen.

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