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July 16, 2011

I have been ROCKING the no sugar added thing for the past week. No hot chocolate, no barbecue sauce, no M&Ms, no salad dressings, no cake from the kitchen at work…It is certainly hard at times, but not impossible. I think one of the most difficult things to say “no” to was ice cream with my husband. My husband supports my experiment and is doing is best to accommodate me, but he likes his sugar. The first night he needed dessert I concocted my own creation to have with: warmed smashed banana with cocoa powder and milk. Stir it all together and it was delicious. I also managed to abstain from any dessert while he had ice cream one night, which was a more difficult task but I think it benefited me to not eat when I wasn’t hungry.

In addition to not eating added sugars, I have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the amount of coffee I drink. I was usually drinking two coffees (half decaf) a day, but now I’m passing on it most days (excluding the day I bought myself a much needed latte latte :)). This was an unintended side effect of removing sugar, it made coffee (and generally poor quality coffee at that) much less appealing. I consider that a success.

Consequently, I have noticed myself getting extra hungry at work. Normally a cup of coffee with milk/creamer sufficed as a morning snack at work and hot chocolate in the afternoon. I’ve been bringing nuts and raisins (naturally sweet!) as an afternoon snack, but it hasn’t been enough. I’m either hungry a few hours before lunch in the morning and eat them, or eat my lunch early and the snack is not substantial enough to tide me over. So additional snack appears to be necessary, especially since all of the candy bowls and vending machines don’t provide any non-sugar added options.

I’m also finding my intake of fats higher than it used to be. I think this is a result of eating more nuts now, and since these are healthier fats I’m not too concerned about it. I still get periodic cravings for sweets, but nothing insurmountable so far. I haven’t cut out artificial sugars though, so that may account for some of that. My weight has dropped slightly, but not significantly so I think that’s normal fluctuations. I thought the first week would be much harder, so I’m optimistic for the rest of the month. I continue to fear the restriction (bad perspective, I know) that Paleo will bring…



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