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The Not-So-Good

July 27, 2011

Last night’s anniversary meal was delicious. Fatty, buttery, cheesey, fried, and delicious. The “fatty, buttery, cheesey, and fried” part of that definitely had an affect on me this morning. I could tell that my stomach was off when I went to make breakfast. Certainly not in any pain, just minor discomfort (As though it had been filled to the brim with fat laden, carby goodness. Which it was.) and a notable lack of my usual ravenous morning hunger. Completely worth it for an awesome meal. I managed to avoid dessert but I made my husband swear on our not-yet-conceived-or-even-planned-on first born that we would go back for dessert once my little experiment is over because the tiramisu sounded delectable.  Tiramisu always sounds delectable.

I was happy with my ability to eat until I was comfortably full (but not stuffed) when surrounded by huge portions of  yummy goodness. I think the awesome conversation with my husband and the upscale nature of the restaurant made me slow down and appreciate my food, leaving me more satisfied.

On the not-so-good side of things, my run this evening was pretty crummy. I was hoping for a 5 mile tempo run but had to settle for 3 easy miles. I know, it’s better than nothing, blah, blah, blah, but my legs just felt like lead the whole time. I’m not sure I could have run any faster if I were being changed by flaming zombies (because zombies on fire run faster?) which sort of defeats the purpose of an easy run. I do have a compendium of excuses to justify my lame performance:

  1. Last night’s dinner: wine, fried zucchini, lasagna, and creamy-sauced, meat-filled pasta may not be the most effective fueling strategy (though certainly a tasty one).
  2. More often than not I run in the morning. But I run in the evening at least once a week with a group, so that’s not really and excuse.
  3. No sugar…I’m pretty sure there was enough sugar/carbs/calories/sodium/fat in last night’s dinner to make up for anything I may have been lacking. I don’t really consider that an excuse either.
  4. Higher than normal activity on the weekend. I upped my long run a little and spend a good deal of Sunday biking….combined with a strength+HIIT workout yesterday may mean I’m still fatigued.
  5. Giving blood last week. As I mentioned, it seemed to take about two weeks last time before I was back to normal. Less than a week out means I could easily still be affected.
  6. I’m a wuss and I really should have just pushed harder instead of letting myself get off easy.

I’ll take any of the above to justify my poor performance, but I’m thinking 6 is the most likely culprit and I need to bone up on my mental toughness…

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