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A Call to Write

August 7, 2013

Hi there, how are y’all doing? It’s been a while. I went to this blog to see what I wrote in my last post and I found that the words were foreign to me. I’ve always had a difficult time rereading my own work because I impart my own awkward tone on it. I find some dissonance between what I was thinking and what I had written. And of course there’s my tendency to judge and criticize my past self. However, rereading after such a long time must have given me some perspective because I didn’t feel that nagging discomfort, the unfortunate disconnect that I usually feel. It didn’t feel one dimensional; it has some personality and emotion behind it. Would it be terribly conceited of me to say I may have actually enjoyed reading it?


Anyway, the overarching theme of this blog was supposed to be my experiments with food but it’s turned into more of a running blog. I suppose that could be considered food for my soul. J Reading my previous entry I realized how far I’ve come this year.  I did redeem myself in the 10K I alluded to by running a PR-worthy time of 51:35. I also got my sub-24 minute 5K about a month ago, running the Redmond Derby Dash in a cool 23:24.  I am much more concerned right now about getting my sub 4 hour marathon. I have it in me, I know I do. And, well, even if I don’t I would like to keep trying. Which brings me to my real impetus for writing: this post by the lovely Marian Call.


“But I plan to learn to be a better listener to the subtle signals in myself. That is the beginning of health, I think.”


I realize that as a self-employed artist this probably has bigger implications on her life than mine, but I still think I could benefit greatly from listening to those subtle signals in myself.


So I’ll leave you now to discuss that quote amongst yourselves until I return. I have some vague notion to write about how that quote applies to my running and eating (and life in general). Plus, I’ll add some ruminations on why I run and maybe throw in a food experiment or two, I think Alton Brown has inspired me to try making caramels. Oh, and perhaps a recap of the two fabulous trips I’ve take this year: JoCo Cruise Crazy III and hiking around Machu Picchu.

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